These pictures of the movie ‘The Joker’ are all you want to see on the internet today!

ArtThe Joker is coming back and fans cannot contain their excitement as this time around too we are going to see an extraordinary and over the top versatile actor Joaquin Phoenix play the crazy character.
When the news was surfaced that Pheonix will be playing The Joker, fans could not wait to catch a glimpse of this super amazing actor in full iconic Joker makeup. But the wait is over as the director of the movie revealed the full makeup look of the actor as the protagonist of the movie in a recent post on his social media handle.
Director Todd Phillips unveiled the first look of the actor in full makeup for his rendition of the iconic movie in a short video clip on Instagram. The video that was posted by the director had the caption ‘Camera Test’ in which Pheonix is first seen in plain clothes and then it cuts to an image of the actor in full Joker getup cracking the wide iconic Joker grin.

Then this snippet (which is set to the ‘Guess who’s laughing’) ends with another image of Pheonix where his face is dropped seriously.


Before this post. Phillips shared a picture of Pheonix with no makeup and captioned the image as ‘Arthur’ which is presumably the name of his character before he turns into the bad guy.


Several snippets have also surfaced across the internet which are oh-so-crazy to watch over and over again!

The Joker is coming!!!


This is perfect!

Check this out Y’all!!

More on-set photos

And more


We all have our eyes set on the movie releasing date!