The teasers of ‘Pinky Memsaab’ are absolutely striking!

Two teasers of the new feature film ‘Pniky Memsaab’ has been released and they are absolutely catchy. 
With the revival of the movie industry in Pakistan, we have seen the producers of the Pakistani movies try their hand on many different genres of movies. However, there has not been many movies made in Pakistan that fall under the category of ‘Indie’ films. Most of our movies are a mix of extraordinary glamour and music, others are humorous and very few are based on a serious plotline.
However, filmmaker Shazia Ali Khan focused on the production of an indie film under the title Pinky Memsaab which is going to be super fine from the looks of the trailers. This movie is a simple storyline set in Dubai which has four main characters as the makers of the film report. According to them, in this story, ‘the lives of a gullible maid and a beautiful socialite entwined together in Dubai’.

The producers described the story in their own words as

“The lives of a gullible maid; a beautiful socialite; an ambitious investment banker and a happy-go-lucky chauffeur are entwined together in Dubai, in this bitter-sweet tale of self-discovery.”

This movie has new talent as its main cast which includes the ‘Tabeer’ famed actress Hajra Yamin and model turned actress Kiran Malik.

Earlier a few posters of the movie were shared by the makers which were quite striking and made us want to see more of it. And now the makers have released snippets of the movie and we can tell that this movie is going to be equipped with a strong and intriguing storyline.

In the first teaser which was released earlier, we could see it was all about Kiran Malik who is playing the character Mehr in the movie. Her character is a writer who lives in Dubai. In the teaser, it can be seen that she is having a meet up with her friend circle which has some fine elite ladies having a conversation. She looks absolutely perfect in the movie and her performance is super amazing for a newcomer.

The second teaser is all about Pinky who is played by Hajra Yamin. Her character Pinky is a ‘gullible maid’ as described by the producers who have traveled all the way from a village in Punjab to Dubai. This teaser is shorter relatively and leaves us all in a state of curiosity for Pinky. The maid is seen talking about her early marriage and her masculine husband.

Apart from these two characters, the movie has many other characters played by Hajra Khan, Adnan Jafar, Shameem Hilali, and Khalid Ahmed.

The official movie release date has not been announced yet but we cannot wait to watch this movie.