Shoaib Akhtar schooled an Indian news anchor for her ‘disrespectful’ question!


Pakistan’s Cricket team lost to Bangladesh on Wednesday and is out of the tournament after this defeat. Though we cannot wait to see the Ban vs India in Asia Cup final (and we all are secretly supporting Bangladesh), we wish Pakistan could have made it to the final. It looks like this tournament was meant to be lost by Pakistan by the looks of the performance of our team. The only match won against Afghanistan did give us a little hope but that too died earlier when Pakistan was thrashed brutally by India in their second encounter in Asia Cup.

While talking about Pakistan’s performance, Former Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar lost his temperament on an Indian TV news channel. The Cricketer went furious over a question asked by the anchor and showed his anger likewise. The heated exchange broke in when the Indian news anchor compared Pakistan’s 8 wicket defeat against India with the Swachh Bharat Mission of India. The anchor asked, “In India, the second edition of Swachhta Mission has just started. And it seems to me that Indian team has taken it very seriously as they thrashed Pakistan just 100 hours ago. Are your players ready to get thrashed once again?”

This question offended Shoaib Akhtar and he replied to the reporter in a huff. He asked the reporter to limit her questions and the debate to sports only. He furiously replied, “See, I don’t know what is your name. And I do respect you. But if you go on asking me questions with respect, then only I will entertain your questions. But if you talk about ‘thrashing’ and ‘dhulaai‘ and ‘Swachhta‘, then I will not. Ask me questions on cricket. I request you to talk about cricket. But the way you are speaking, I cannot understand your language”

Shoaib Akhtar also schooled her for her reporting and reminded her that she was speaking to a former International cricketer. He asked her to choose her words carefully. He said “I am a cricketer from Haryana to whom you can speak in such a manner – ‘dhulaai ho rahi hai‘, ‘pitaai ho rahi hai‘, ‘maar denge‘, ‘pichhad denge‘, please do not talk in such a way. Talk to me about cricket, and try and understand who is sitting in front of you,”

The people across both sides of the border often get enthusiastic over the defeat of the other and remark in the same manner. But anchors need to understand that when they interview a cricketer, they should maintain professionalism and talk sports only. We have seen the same style of interviewing by Pakistani reporters as well (and also while delivering cricket news ), which is very disrespectful towards the cricket stars of both the countries.