Permanent Work From Home Is A Curse Trust Me

Permanent Work From Home

Permanent Work From Home

Hey everyone we are back with another important and helpful blog post. This one is certainly important cause it is linked with all of our livelihoods. Recently you must have heard of the phrase permanent work from home or remote work. This is what we are going to talk about today. Remote work or permanent work from home as we know it is a bad idea for the long term. 

My thesis and observations are from both the employee and employer sides. But what I have observed and researched is clear that permanent work from home will benefit the employer and the highly paid top-of-the-food-chain employees. It will not be beneficial for the low and maid-paid employees, along with some high-paid employees and for the freshmen and interns, it’s gonna be a nightmare. So let’s get into the details of the fact that permanent work from home is a curse.

Expectation VS Reality Of Work From Home

Remote Work Expectation VS Reality

Yes, it’s true permanent work from home has some perks but these are for the short term, but this is the grass is always greener on the other side type of thing. I am going to write from my own experiences and I apologize in advance if any employee or employer gets offended because of the opinions and experiences I write in the post. I am not pointing out anybody, but I am just stating the facts as they are and what they will lead to in general. Experiences can vary from person to person and company to company. So let’s see what do you get from this predicament we call permanent work from home.

Travel Expenses Expectation

Yes, we do save the travel expenses when we permanently work from home and this is the second biggest save from the work from the home trend. Commuting is a stressful thing today and it’s even worst if you travel via public transport. Not having to travel to your office daily can not only save you some money it will also save you some mental capacity to focus on your work.

Travel Expenses Reality

Do you expect that your company is gonna pay you the amount they use to you are saving from travel expenses? No, they are not gonna. Every company will give you the same excuse that you don’t have to travel to our office so you don’t need travel expenses. The company will also say you don’t need and accidental insurance either, so we don’t need to pay for that either. These are the 2 biggest expenses from your paycheck you could have saved but let me tell you your company is not gonna let you save that instead, they will save that money themselves.

Location Independence Expectation

You can work from anywhere, your home, a cafe, the bus, or even while you on vacation. You can continue to meet deadlines and check in to any issues your company may face, wherever and whenever. This is a great way to show dedication and critical thinking that you kept your cool and got the job done, even when you could have been occupied with other things at other places.

Location Independence Reality

I can work while I’m on vacation? Are you kidding me? If I own a business, I will find some time to work on it while even on a vacation trip or anything. But if I am a normal mid-level employee I most probably won’t but if I am working from home the company will have the leverage to ask me to check into anything they want while I am on a vacation, occupied with a family event or any other important work during which I can’t focus on work.

Work-Life Balance Expectation

Work-Life balance looks almost guaranteed in permanent work from home. You and your employer can agree on the most feasible hours for you to work and don’t have to eat out of having to depend on junk food for launch time nor do you have to prepare a lunch box. You can get home-cooked meals every day from home which will lead to better gut health.

Work-Life Balance Reality

Do you think your employer is gonna let you choose your hours? No, they’ll never. You will be working with a team and Your employer is gonna choose the time that is feasible for a team, not an individual. Home-cooked meals? Yes, you will get those. But now your lunch break is will be shorter because you’re not sitting with colleagues, discussing plans. You will only have to finish your meal and get back to work ASAP. Your children will be there to show you what your wife goes through every day. If you are a single guy who lives alone your gut is still screwed because you’ll have to buy and store the junk food before you sit in front of the computer unless you cook for yourself.

Time Management Expectation

You will save time from traveling and getting stuck in traffic also you won’t have anything to bother you from working and keep your focus on your task. This will lead to increase productivity and you will get the job done better and quicker. You can track your time using software like timecamp and these will track your time and will give you and your employer a comprehensive list of what you have achieved throughout the day.

Time Management Reality

Yes, you will save some time from traffic but your house chores will get in the way. You will hear the phrase “Can you get some groceries from the store”. And Yes, your family will only think about the groceries while you’re working, not when your playing PUBG. You don’t want to be tracked by timecamp, it’s an employee’s nightmare. Every site you visit is recorded, if you stop moving the mouse and typing timecamp will stop counting seconds. Your time on social media is not considered as producing by time camp and is not included in your daily work hours. Just think what your reaction will be if you’re a social media manager.

Saving Money Expectation

You will save money because you mostly don’t have to commute to the office every day, you don’t have to eat at restaurants. You won’t get late for work. You won’t have any risk of car or bike accidents you will be safe and will save money on all these expenses. Plus you do already have a computer and an internet connection so your all set to permanently work from home. Right?

Saving Money Reality

Wrong, your company will have to get a better and more expensive computer and internet connection. The company uses to provide you with their PCs and a high commercial internet connection and now you have to get that for yourself. You won’t save money from not having to commute and not needing accidental insurance because your company will deduct that amount from your salary, with a simple excuse that you don’t need it anymore. Permanent work from home is only taking the responsibilities from the employer and burdening the employee. In the end, an employee’s expense will only increase.

Are You Ready For Remote Work?

Remote Work Is Not For EveryOne

The current global crisis does require you to work remotely but what about after that. Remote work has already saved so much money that they trying to make it permanent. You may be ready for remote work and you may enjoy remote work but it’s not the same for everybody. What about the freshmen who are looking to get experience while working under your wing. But now they can’t because you not at the office and you’re unable to guide them the way you should have been.

You may have a good computer and a good internet connection, but think about how you started? Not all people get a great start with everything handed to them some have to get out of the house and work for it. Now inexperienced people will have to upgrade their computer and internet connections just to get an internship or an entry-level job. This will be an issue for the financially underprivileged.

It Is Great For Freelancers Or Is?

It is Great For Freelancers Or Is It

Freelancers, a class of individuals that prefer to permanently work from home but not for any employer but themselves. They are prepared for the remote work trend and in fact, they are already doing it. They have their workstations set up and their freelancing profiles all in great shape, but is a permanent work from home good for them when it comes to a global work trend?

Employees may not have the business sense of their employers but they do have it. When an employee will have to purchase their equipment themselves and get a pay cut just because they don’t need travel allowance and accidental insurance anymore they will think. Like, if I have to pay for all of this myself. I should work for myself as well. This will increase competition and will give cause freelance rates to go down. Another win for employers and another loss for employees.

Final Conclusion

I believe that permanent work from home should be a choice, not a condition. The current times need remote work but the markets will recover and times will get better. This is what you should look forward to and prepare for. Permanent work from home is not for everybody. Not everybody is ready to work remotely 12 months of the year. Yes, it saves a lot of the employer’s money, effort, resources, time, and responsibilities, but it only does that at the employee’s expense.

Many entry-level employees depend on getting out of the house to learn from the outside world and develop their skills. Working from home will not be applicable for everyone. Permanent work from home is not feasible for everyone and if you think permanent work from home is bad, then you don’t know that study from home for children is even worst.

By Faizan Elahi Qureshi

Student of Digital Marketing.