Chinese people went on a cleanliness drive in a park in Karachi

KARACHI: A group of Chinese caught the attention of people on social media as it took on a cleanliness drive in a park in Karachi in DHA phase 6.

It was noticed by a local resident

While reporting on Facebook, a local resident said that this park in question was very much prone to littering since a while now but this issue was left unattended by the authorities. However, one morning a group of Chinese took notice of this and took the matter into their own hands. The group was adamant that the park could be cleaned if the people willed.

A footage that went viral on this matter shows the Chinese group who decided to revamp the park by cleaning it themselves. They can be seen sweeping the litter by themselves.

The post by the local resident said,

‘These people in their last round took out bags, spatula, and gloves from the car and started cleaning up the place. By the time they leave the park will be litter free’

“The litter that I see in the park is an eyesore for sure. It bothers me but I’ve become immune to the filth and dirt around as everyone else. Today I saw these guys who have taken ownership of the place they are living in, unlike me.

Karachi and the garbage issue 

One of the major issues in Karachi is the garbage that it is surrounded by. This is also the top news discussed the city. Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and the 2nd largest in the world. It is house to a giant parade of people belonging to different castes and religion. The city has approximately 20 million people spread well over 4000 square kilometers which is the total area of the city. There are many countries in the world that are smaller in size than this city. Like any other metropolitan cities and urban areas, Karachi is dumped with a massive pile of garbage every day that weighs over thousands of tons. The authorities in the city have been trying day in and out to get this issue resolved but things have not escalated at a good pace by now.

 Garbage in Karachi is one of the major concerns of the city government. However, the government has not yet taken a substantial enough step to control this issue as quickly as possible. This gesture by the Chinese group is indeed an excellent initiative but we need to understand that it is our city and we should respect and take care of it. Littering anywhere specifically on the roads, recreational parks, or anywhere else should be avoided strictly. And more importantly, when we see garbage on the roads, we should play our part to make a difference by making sure that we are not the cause of that littering. And if possible, we should do something to get that garbage swept clean.

You can watch the video here The news