‘Bas aik piyali chai’ selected for Six International Film Festivals


Looks like Pakistani film industry is putting no stop to the productions of indie movies and we totally love it! These movies are exactly what we want to watch over and over again instead of consuming 2.5 hours of our life watching a too-much-to-take glamourous and story-less movie like our filmmakers have been producing lately. (YES!, including those heavy budget gigantic star cast featuring bolly-loving movies as well! know that we despise them).

Indie movies have a different spell on the audience of Pakistan. First, it was the movie ‘The Cake’ in news for being selected as the feature film entry from Pakistan, and now this news in headlines today of another Indie movie going big by entering Six International Film Festivals has us confirmed what we like to watch.

Bas Aik Piyali Chai goes to Six International Film Festivals 

From the house of Family Films, Bas Aik Piyali Chai, is a story you would not want to miss out on. The movie features veteran actor Qazi Wajid and Rashid Farooqui who have both made great names for themselves in the media Industry. This short film has received a total of six elections for different film festivals around the globe, all of which are amongst the biggest South Asia festivals.

The news was shared by the team of Bas aik piyali chai who took to social media to announce this news with the fans. The short film will be screened at several International Film Festivals which include South Asian Film Festival of Montreal 2018, Vancouver South Asian International Film Festival 2018, Singapore South Asian International Film Festival 2018, Tasveer South Asian Film Festival 2018 to be held in Seattle, Chicago South Asian Film Festival 2018 and Asia Independent Film Festival 2018 to be held in India.

Before this, Bas Aik Piyali chai had made it to the Asia Independent Film Festival as the only film selected from Pakistan among the total 500 films in the category for Asian Short Fiction. Inclusive to this, this film was selected as a nominee for Best Cinematography in Around International Film Festival.

The movie has a simple yet appealing story of two friends Gulam Raees and Ahmed Din that revolves around a one and a half cup of tea shared by both the friends. Gulam Raees is played by Rashid Farooqui and Ahmed Din by Qazi Wajid. The short film is all about friendship, recollection of memories, and the love of tea that both the protagonists have.

We congratulate the team behind this short movie for making it to Six International Film Festivals and wish them all the best!