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Alternatives to WhatsApp

Alternatives to WhatsApp

The first month of the year is getting close to its end and we are witnessing the Largest ever digital migration. Due to the privacy policy update, WhatsApp caused controversy among its users. This has caused users to migrate away from WhatsApp and to other more private messaging apps. So we decided to get to research and publish a list of apps from which you can consider for your next private messaging application.

The factors to consider in this list are the special features of the app, the security and privacy of the app, and the overall popularity of the app. All these apps are available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So let’s get into our list of Top 10 Great Alternatives to WhatsApp.


WhatsApp vs Skype

Skype is the original free communication and video call software. It started as desktop software. As the technology progressed they released their Android and iOS applications plus applications for other platforms.

Just like WhatsApp, in skype you can send and receive calls and messages for free, you can create groups to communicate with multiple people. But Skype is not end-to-encrypted like WhatsApp and is also owned by another tech giant which is Microsoft. Microsoft does probably collect some of its user’s data from skype but Microsoft is not as controversial as Facebook. As a classic skype may be a good alternative to WhatsApp.


WhatsApp vs Telegram

Telegram is currently the app that has benefited the most due to this mass digital migration. Telegram is mistakenly considered to be end-to-end encrypted by default but it’s not. However, telegram does offer a secret message feature that is end-to-end encrypted. This secret message is so secured that just because of this feature some governments have banned Telegram.

Other than the secret message telegram offers everything that WhatsApp offers, plus it offers channel features where people can subscribe kind of like youtube. If you are aware of the write features telegram can be a great alternative to WhatsApp.


WhatsApp vs Line

Line is a popular app in Asia. This app is a normal private messaging app that allows you to send funny stickers as your reaction or expression. This allows your receiver to get a good idea of your understanding or reaction to the topic in conversation.

The Line app’s interface is tabs based. The tabs have news and deals and offers from popular brands. This means Line app does collect our data to show us interest-based ads, But Line app has never caused such a controversy like WhatsApp/Facebook. Line may be a good alternative to WhatsApp but there are some drawbacks


WhatsApp vs WeChat

WeChat is the most popular communications application in china. We chat has a great array of features that Chinese people use in their daily life. With WeChat, you can book a cab, transfer funds, schedule appointments, and much more. Due to the fact you can transfer funds via WeChat, the app is end-to-end encrypted and this is app secure to use.

But the WeChat app is not that popular outside of China since it is from china. Outside of China, WeChat is released with very few features, but as the app is getting more popular in other continents, WeChat is releasing more and more features. It is up to you to try WeChat as an alternative to WhatsApp.


Whatsapp vs imo

IMO is an app like TikTok. It is a simple private messenger and free voice and video call application, but it offers a little extra by giving you a chance to upload stores and short video clips like TikTok. Even though Imo predates TikTok, the idea clicked with the arrival of TikTok.

Imo is not end-to-end encrypted but it has a great special feature. As we know that in Middle Eastern Countries like Saudia-Arabia and UAE you can not use WhatsApp for free calls and messages, but if you have an internet connection or a data package you can use IMO as an alternative to WhatsApp.


whatsapp vs discord

Discord is a community base application for desktop, web, and mobile. This app is based around the gaming community. Casual and Professional Gamers use this app to communicate with their audience or each other. They also use it to coordinate with team members during missions.

The Discord server can be used for casual conversation; it is free and secure but may show you gaming based ads due to the nature of its community aspect. It is an alternative to WhatsApp but not for everyone.


whatsapp vs threema

Threema is a new popular app that has all the known features of any private messaging application. You chat with it, do a voice and video call, create group lists, and share files and documents. But the best part about it is that you don’t have to link an email or contact number to use it. Threema creates your unique user ID which other users use to communicate with you.

Now here is a twist. Threema doesn’t collect any of your data and doesn’t show you any ads, but this is the first paid app on our list for just $2.99 a month. You will get all of the above-mentioned features with end-to-end encryption. $2.99 is a small price to pay for your security and privacy.


whatsapp vs element

Element.io is an app based on open-source software. This means that developers can make edits to its code and customize it as per their own requirements. It offers all the standard features of private messaging apps and it’s free of cost.

We have learned from our experiences that if something is free you are the product. This is also true for Element.io. The end-to-end encryption is not on by default and needs to be turned on. Please keep this point in mind if you decide to use Element.io as your alternative to WhatsApp.


whatsapp vs wire

Wire is a great alternative to WhatsApp because it was founded in Europe and follows the strict European Data retention law. Wire offers a free personal and paid business plan. The Business plan offers additional features, Both are end-to-end encrypted.

The paid plans offer file optimization for easy sharing, Audio filtering, 1.1, and group screen sharing. Wire is available for Android, iOS, Web, and desktop. In the paid plan you can connect your Wire account with eight sync devices and all of this is secure and private without any data collection.


WhatsApp vs Signal

Signal is currently the most recommended application. This an open-source application with customization ability with end-to-end encryption turned on by default. It offers all the features of WhatsApp and it’s all free and secure and open source. The Signal app is made by “Brian Acton” the former co-founder of WhatsApp, who left WhatsApp right after it was purchased by Facebook, he left because he did not agree with Mark Zuckerberg’s (Founder of Facebook) views.

on Jan 7th, 2021 Elon Musk (Found or Tesla) recommended using Signal App as an alternative to WhatsApp. This led to a huge number of downloads of the application. Edward Snowden (The America Whistleblower and Privacy Activist) also regularly uses Signal App. All the features and endorsement has made Signal App the most favored to be used as an alternative to WhatsApp.

Final Conclusion

We have listed all of our researched apps with their pros and cons. The final decision is always yours no matter which new app you decide to migrate to as an alternative to WhatsApp. Be sure to follow whateverison for the latest technology news. Thanks a lot for reading all the way and please be sure to read more of our blog posts.