2 Pakistani women selected for Facebook Community Leadership Program


As per the latest news, Facebook has selected two women from Pakistan for its first Community Leadership Program. This program is all about empowering leaders from around the world who are building communities around them.

Kanwal Ahmed of Soul Sisters Pakistan and Nadia Patel Gangjee of Sheops have been selected by Facebook for this purpose. The two ladies were selected from a parade of about 6000 applicants who have been chosen from all around the world. The total number of community leaders who were chosen is 115.

All the selected the community leaders will be trained by Facebook who will then serve as the community leaders in residence, fellows, and youth participants. These leaders will be paid up to $50,000 which they will use for the community initiative and to reinforce they vision they have for their respective groups on Facebook.

In addition to the training, the program will also provide a particular educational curriculum which is designed around leadership development, technical skills, strategic community engagement, financial support for offline community building activities and help and guidance from community-building experts, Facebook leaders and other participants as well.

Now let’s have a look at these two talented Pakistani women who made it to the list of Facebook Community Leaders.

Kanwal Ahmed, the owner of the famous Facebook page Soul Sisters Pakistan initiated the group back in 2013 and gave all the Pakistani women a platform where they can share their stories and seek support from each other. The group instantly made a spark and thousands of women started becoming a member of the group. At present, the group has about 78,000 members. These members together started an adopt-a-school program in collaboration with The Citizens Foundation and tree-planting drives.

To announce her selection Kanwal Ahmed, the page shared a post that said and we quote, ‘I am humbled. Honored. And absolutely drenched in gratitude. Presenting to you, all the people who made our community this amazing – your very own Facebook Community Leadership Fellow, Kanwal Ahmed. And I just have one thing to say: Laydis, we made it.’

The other talented lady, Nadia Patel Gangjee is the founder of the first online marketplace for women ‘Sheops’. This page is an excellent medium for the Pakistani home-based women and entrepreneurs who require a trusted platform to start and scale their business.

Nadia too took to Facebook to announce her selection with the members of her brilliant group. She wrote, “Alhamdulillah, humbled and honored to share that I have been selected as a Fellow for Facebook Community Leadership Program to further my mission of economically enabling women, which includes training, support, and funding to advance further positive social impact. And a chance to work on a dream project for Pakistani women, which will not be limited to Sheops.”